10 Things to Consider Before You Change Your Hair Colour

As a mobile artist in hair and makeup in Sydney, I find that there are numerous options for hair colors. There are exciting new hues and tones coming out all the time. Before you take the plunge and make a big change, here are 10 things to consider:


  1. What Condition is Your Hair In?


If your hair is healthy, it can withstand much more color than hair that is brittle and dry. Before booking, consider how many color treatments your hair has had previously.

If your hair is not in tip-top shape, you may be best to go for a low ammonia hair color or highlights.


  1. Can You Afford the Upkeep of This Colour Change?


Is this a color that will require touch-ups every few weeks? If so, ensure that you can factor this into your budget.


  1. Do You Absolutely Love This Hair Colour?


Permanent hair color stays in your hair permanently!


  1. Do You Have the Time and lifestyle to Care for your hair Colour?


Do you need to apply regular conditioning treatments at home? Does it require you to avoid chlorine and the beach?  Ensure that you can incorporate the required maintenance of your hair color into your lifestyle.


  1. Will this Colour Suit You?


Check with your hairstylist. I can advise as to how the color tone will suit your complexion and features.


  1. How Much Time Do You Have for Hairdressing Appointments


Will your desired color require frequent trips to the hairdresser? Ensure that you have free time for the upkeep that it takes to keep your hair looking great. When booking me as your mobile hair stylist, Sydney residents save travel time! I am also available at the beauty salon Canvas Hair in Surry Hills.


  1. Do You Have Any Grey Hair to Cover?


Grey hair can make a difference in how the color takes to your hair. Greys have a different texture to your naturally colored hair and can resist color.


  1. Does Your HairdresserKnow the Exact Look That You Want to Create?


Make sure that you are on the same page as your hairstylist. Have a picture of you if possible. Pinterest is a great resource to finding the look you’re after.


  1. What Sort of Message is Your Hair Style and ColourSending Out?


Burgundy, red and platinum are often associated with extroverts. Toned blondes can give an impression of confidence and high standards. When you decide to change your hair and makeup, Sydney girls need to ensure that the look reflects their personality and the message that they want to convey to the world!


  1. Are You 100% Clear onHow to Look After and Treat Your New Hair Colour?


Speak with me as your mobile hair stylist in Sydney to ensure that you know what products to use on your hair to keep it in top shape.

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