Hair Expo 2017

I had a great day at the annual Hair Expo today. It’s the first time in a few years that it was held back at the Convention Centre in Sydney, and I was excited (and rather impressed I might add) to see the newly built ICC at Darling Harbour. Although I don’t love that Expo always falls on the June long weekend, I still after 20 years of being in the industry get excited to go. I love to see all of the different hairstyles and fashion, and a huge space full of hairdressers makes for some sensational people watching, from those who go all out and glam it up to those who are so cool that they rock a pair of (probably designer) trackies and look like they’ve just gotten out of bed!

I thoroughly enjoyed the main stage presentations, in particular the UK FAME team bringing with them the UK’s latest trends. It looks like to me that 90’s are well and truly back in vogue with dirty grungy looking hair and watch out peeps the term “mullet” was mentioned quite few times!

Brad Ngata’s presention was great with him chopping u a bob with a pair of clippers and showing a very cool hot iron technique that I can’t wait to try out on my clients. Also he demonstrated how using a LED light ring makes for taking awesome Instagram pics. I will be definitely looking into buying one of those!

EVO team were entertaining doing some strong editorial looks. It was great to see some of my old Toni&Guy collegues up there on stage showing me where their careers have taken them.

And both the Lorna Evens and the Caterina Di Biase were impressive in showing how to achieve their signature looks. There were lots of volume and lots of texture. Out are the smooth sleek glamorous Hollywood waves and in with the deconstructed voluminous backcombed waves.

All in all, I had a fantastic day. I’m feeling inspired and motivated and I am busting to get back to work so that I can have a play!

Signing off for now xxx

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